Five-star antkeeping. Invented in Sweden.
Five-star antkeeping. Invented in Sweden.

Ants are fantastic!

AntKeepers Starter Pack Medium

Everything you need to get started with ants

Our Starter pack contains everything you need to get started with keeping ants. A Medium nest, an OutWorld (with tubing) and food for the ants. Delivered in good looking packaging, perfect for yourself or as a gift to someone who’s into ants.

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What is included in the AntKeepers Starter Pack?

x1 AntKeep Medium
x1 OutWorld
x1 Sunburst Ant Nectar (60 ml)
x1 byFormica Liquid Feeder

Acrylic layers – Perfect for keeping ants

Four acrylic plates of extremely high quality make up the structure of the formicarium. Three white layers in the bottom build the foundation. And with a clear layer on top you can see everything happening in the ant colony.

AntKeep Small Formicarium

Sponge for moisture

Thanks to the layered structure it is possible to moisturize AntKeep without opening it up. By filling the sponge with water the nest will be moisturized. Through laser cut ventilation canals in-between the layers the moisture travels from the sponge and out into the nest.

Why the form factor?

With the organic forms of AntKeep we wanted the nest to feel inspired by nature, in which there are very few straight lines. A lot of curves mimics the way ants dig through the terrain in the wild.

AntKeep Small Formicarium connected

Expand with your colony

When your colony grows bigger so should their nest. AntKeep is easy to expand by adding more pieces from the collection. The sizes fit perfectly together, but you can also twist and turn them to create your own nest shapes. Experiment and you will find that many, many AntKeeps can be added upon each other, creating you own custom nest.

AntKeepers AntGate with Stop


AntGate – Our unique connector

AntGate is the pinnacle of antkeeping. With AntGate you can easily and seamlessly connect AntKeeps, tubing and test tubes. It is made from a hard but flexible rubber-like material, meaning it will keep your AntKeeps tightly together with ease. And hey, the material is 100% safe for your ants.

AntKeepers OutWorld 2022 for ants zoom

OutWorld – A place for adventure

The perfect space for your ants to explore. Fill your OutWorld with whatever you want to – from sand to stones and plants. Create your own inspiring landscape where your colony can hunt and forage for food and supplies. Why not create several worlds for your ants? 

  • Clear design let’s you see all the fun 
  • Can be used with and without the lid (when using it without the lid we recommend applying our PTFE+ to the insides of the walls) 
  • Two entrances (16 mm) for further expansion 
  • Air holes that helps keep the air fresh 

ByFormica Sunburst Ant Nectar 60 ml

Sunburst Ant Nectar (60 ml)

Sunburst Ant Nectar is the convenient, reliable sugar water alternative that ants love! Ant species that crave sweet foods will readily drink Sunburst Ant Nectar. Our advanced formula consists of a ready-to-use liquid, and works best with byFormica Liquid Feeders designed for ants (sold separately).

100% clean, natural ingredients with no preservatives added – enjoyed by all sweet-loving ants. Very practical and easy. Convenient and reliable alternative to homemade sugar and honey water mixtures.

ByFormica Liquid Feeder 5 ml Mini

byFormica Liquid Feeder (5 ml)

Unique feeding solution for your ants!

The byFormica Liquid Feeders feature a unique, semi-closed design which reduces moisture loss due to evaporation, restricts all but the smallest ants from becoming trapped inside the feeder, and lessens the likelihood that some ants will attempt to cover the liquid with dirt. Multiple drinking ports allow ants to discover the liquid more quickly, and many ants to feed at once.

Use with Sunburst Ant Nectar liquid ant food for maximum reliability and convenience.

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What's included

x1 AntKeep Small
x1 OutWorld
x1 Sunburst Ant Nectar (60 ml)
x1 byFormica Liquid Feeder


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