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Test tubes for ants (3 pcs)

Perfect test tubes for new queens or small colonies

Durable and heat resistant test tube made of borosilicate glass. The size is ideal for a queen and her growing colony.

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Need new test tubes for your queen hunting? Or maybe to house a small colony? This is the perfects size for every ant species – made of ultra strong borosilicate glass.

If you want to use the test tube as a water reservoir just fill it up with water and put a cotton ball at the end of it. This way the ants can have a sip without drowning. Why not try sugar water?

What is borosilicate glass?

Borosilicate glass is a sturdy form of glass created to handle great differences in temperature and at the same time be unaffected by chemical exposure. This is why the glass is often used in laboratories. Perfect for a clean ant environment. The glass also has a low opacity, making it easy for you to see though it.

Additional information


160 mm (6.3")

Outer diameter

16 mm (0.36")

Inner Diameter

14 mm (0.55")


Borosilicate glass


Heat resistant


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