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Sunburst Ant Nectar – byFormica (60 ml)

The easiest way to satisfy your ants’ sweet tooth!

100% clean, natural ingredients with no preservatives added – enjoyed by all sweet-loving ants.

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Why Sunburst Ant Nectar?

  • Very practical and easy. Convenient and reliable alternative to homemade sugar and honey water mixtures.
  • 100% clean, natural ingredients with no preservatives added – enjoyed by all sweet-loving ants.
  • In addition to sugar, Sunburst supplies the perfect balance of electrolytes to stimulate appetite and promote natural feeding response.
  • Bottled product remains fresh up to 6 months after opening, and no refrigeration is required.
  • Does not contain protein. Feed alongside insects and a variety of other natural foods for a nutritionally complete diet.


Sunburst Ant Nectar is the convenient, reliable sugar water alternative that ants love! Ant species that crave sweet foods will readily drink Sunburst Ant Nectar. Our advanced formula consists of a ready-to-use liquid, and works best with byFormica Liquid Feeders designed for ants (sold separately).

Convenience in a Bottle

Unlike homemade liquids which spoil quickly, each bottle of Sunburst Ant Nectar may be enjoyed for up to 6 months after opening. Refrigeration is not required, but may extend product life.

Clean, Wholesome Ingredients

Each 100% natural ingredient in Sunburst is tested and guaranteed ant-safe. Advanced filtration removes impurities, so only pure sweetness remains.

How to Use

To observe vigorous feeding activity, offer as much as your ants can consume within a few hours, every 2 to 3 days. For best results, remove and replace uneaten liquid every 3 to 5 days. Users may observe less vigorous feeding activity if food is available at all times. When using Sunburst, do not feed other sweetened foods such as sugar water or honey; these are redundant.

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byFormica is the maker of one of the best lines of ant food in the world – perfect for keeping ants at home. The Sunburst Ant Nectar and Liquid Feeders are well-known around the world and loved by both ants and humans.

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60 ml (2 fl oz)


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