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    Hi all!
    I recently found a colony of Formica Rufa with 1 queen and around 500 workers. I have them in a 450L box connected to a smaller dump. They haven’t use the dump yet, but have started to make a small mound, the queen is still in the test tube. They have some pine sap but I haven’t seen them take it yet, and have some eggs.
    I will take some photos soon.

    Also, I’m looking for another queen / colony of Formica rufa/pratensis. If anybody have, please contact me!


    Looking forward to the photos 😀


    Everyday they continue to amaze me. They now built the mound even more, and have eaten lots of flies and a big moth.
    I gave them some honey water today, they didn’t seem very interested. But they liked the maple syrup!
    I am getting 4 new queens soon, so I will be able to start my investigations! I plan to be the first myrmecologist focusing only on Formica Rufa 🙂
    The more queens and colonies the better!
    Over n out


    They made a big vent today in the mound, it’s to allow air in


    I now have 4 new queens of Formica rufa. I gave them some workers from this colony and this morning they have an egg 🙂 So cool! Thanks hagberg!

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