Your Ant Colony

How do I care for a colony of ants? Have you caught a newly mated queen, or is your colony already up and running? We’ll go through the most important parts of ant keeping, from food and water to hibernation.

your colony ant queen new

Taking Care of a New Ant Queen

Newly mated queens are easy to take care of.

your ant colony test tubes

Test Tubes

Test tubes can be used for a lot of things. How about housing, water and food?

Where to buy ants

Buy ants

Wondering where to buy ants? We’ve put together the perfect list for you!


Many species needs to hibernate to stay healthy. But how to?

your ant colony food animals

Feeder Animals

We’ll got through flies, worms and more.

coming soon

Moving Ants

How to move your ants?

your ant colony heat moisture

Heat & Moisture

Different species require different environments.

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