Your ant colony

How do I care for a colony of ants? Have you caught a newly mated queen, or is your colony already up and running? We’ll go through the most important parts of ant keeping, from food and water to hibernation.
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The ant society is centered around the ant mother: the queen. Every year new queens and males fly out to mate, and after the flight is over they’re easy to capture.

Test tubes are perfect for ant keeping. They can be used in many different ways, solving your problems, and are very popular among antkeepers.

We’ve put together a list of links on where to buy ants. There are many reliable ant stores around the globe. Buying ants is easy since they can travel by regular mail.


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Many species needs to hibernate to stay healthy. But how to?

nutrition and care for ants protein carbohydrates mealworm

Feeder Animals

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We’ll got through flies, worms and more.

ant altruism

Moving an ant colony

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How to move your ants?

ants need water

Heat & moisture

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Different ant species require different levels of heat and moisture.