There are many different formicariums for keeping ants. Actually, most things that can be kept moist and escape-proof is probably usable. Have a look at our guides and try building one yourself!
formicarium ant farm with soil dirt

The classic ant farm stands proudly, forcing the ants to dig near the glass – giving the ant keeper a great view of the nest.

A formicarium doesn’t need to be very advanced. Try making one out of two glass jars!

formicarium tank setup with dirt sand

An aquarium, terrarium or other resembling a tank will be great for your ants. As long as it’s ok with moisture!

ytong ant nest diy

Ytong is one of the most care free ways of keeping ants. It’s very well suited for almost every ant species!

formicarium apartment fill with material sand dirt

Let’s combine the classic ant farm with a tank! You’ll have a great view of the nest and a beautiful setup for your outdoors-simulation.

Acrylic ant nest

Coming soon!


Coming soon!

Plaster ant nests

Coming soon!