Keeping Ants

Keeping ants is easy! And yes, they can actually be pets! They have some basic needs that need to be taken care of, but once you’ve got the hang of food, water and habitat keeping ants is a breeze.

glass jars formicarium with dirt

Ants can adapt to many differens environments. For keepings ants at home, you need a place for the ants to live – a formicarium. Let’s have look at a few examples of how you can build their home yourself.

keeping ants your colony

What does the activity of a colony actually look like, and how do you keep them happy and healthy? It depends on the species, but all ants have some needs and wants in common.

ants nutrition protein

Each ant species have their own special needs, but what they have in common is the need for water, food and somewhere to live. Let’s have a look at the basics of ant survival.

keeping ants care sheets

There is a reason ants species can have many different needs from one another. They have evolved and adapted to completely different environments, and should always be treated from a ”natural settings”-perspective.


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