These are not "my" ants. I am stumped, I feel crazy…

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    I am new to this forum. It appears as though this sight was very thoughtfully and beautifully created for people who really enjoy the subject of ants to come and converse or just learn new things.

    I am stumped by a new species of ant that has appeared. I have tried to explain it to some of my friends and they think I am crazy.

    I have lived in this house for 21 years. The ants that we get behave like I had always understood ants to behave. They act as a colony. When they find food they make a line and carry it back to their home. If you take away the food and disrupt their line, I use soapy water on a portion of it, they will eventually go away and many times take the dead ants with them. It has been many years since I have had ants in my house. I consider it as though we have an agreement.

    Last year my city in Northern California experienced the worst wildfires in my lifetime. Thousands of homes were destroyed. The fires seemed to change so many things. Starting a few months ago I noticed ants in my house. I thought that maybe it was due to the fires and the disruption of clearing away all the debris, my house is near the edge of where the fire stopped. I quickly noticed that they were not “my” ants. In discussing this with my friends, they think I am even crazier. So here are the differences I have noticed:

    Taste – my ants taste bitter and acidic (long story about how I know that). The new ants don’t seem to have any taste at all.
    Location – my ants know they will find something in the kitchen. I have rarely seen them anywhere else, though I leave cups with tea in them in my computer room all the time. The new ants are all over the place. I have found them in almost every room.
    Behavior – my ants behave as I had always thought ants do, as a colony. The new ants act as individuals. if they find food, I may only see one or two ants on the food. Sometimes there will be a crowd but they stay on the food and do not leave. There is no ant line. They were able to get into a sealed plastic bag of sugar through a staple hole. we found them scattered, and dead, inside the bag. There was no evidence next to the bag that any ants had been there. Again, no line. They ignore their dead. Also, they were able to climb up my travel cup, which was in sealed mode, and find a way in. There was a small amount of tea in the bottom so they died. When I opened the cup there was at least 40-50 ants in there, all dead. Again, no line or other ants milling about.

    I have been observing their behavior for several months. We did have a normal incident with “my” ants who were attracted to the canned cat food left behind recently. They behaved as they always had before. It had been raining which tends to disrupt the wildlife a bit. I know these are ants because they look like ants when I look using a magnifying glass.

    Does this sound familiar to anyone? I am really stumped and not really quite sure how to even go about researching online to find out what they may be. I also can’t talk to any of my family or friends about this, they think I am crazy and the whole think about how they taste different really creeped them out.

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