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    Hello everyone ! I’m new to this forum, I have tried many others in order to indentify my queen but no one ever replied. Anyway, I have had my Queen since June, I found her one night running around and I knew it wasn’t just a normal ant, so I locked her up in a pen with water and some honey and she started laying eggs, I now have a healthy colony of 40-50 individuals and a lot of larvaes and eggs. (I moved them to a better place after 20 workers).
    The problem is that I never had the chance to identify them but here is a pgori of the royal chamber or whatever is that called.
    So please if you could help me that’ll be awesome !
    Thanks in advance


    In which country did you find that colony?


    Sorry I thought I had mentioned it in my post. Anyway, I caught it in my home-country, Morocco. The queen is around 4-5 mm and the workers around 1mm


    Well it might be a lepisiota or maybe a lasius species.

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