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    I think it would be fun with a thread on different formicarium designs . Some guidelines for this thread :

    -Pictures are of course a requirement.
    -How does the formicarium work? ( Humidification system , heating system, ventilation, etc. ) .
    -Description Of the nest size and chamber size, material it is made of and other materials used to produce it and etc.
    -Feel free to comment on the humidity level and the heat is so the rest of us know what kind of species the formicarium is appropriate for. For example, if it fits European or Asian species better.
    -Tools you used.

    You are welcome to include your story about what species you built it for and why you chose that particular design.

    To avoid unnecessary clutter, you should not comment/ask questions about different nests on this thread. Instead, please turn to the person who posted the formicarium design via PM here on this site. Thanks for your consideration!

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