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    This is my Journal for a single Tetraponera Nigra Queen. Tetraponera’s are from Pseudomyrmicinae subfamily.
    They are arboreal ants, very slender, active, can climb all sorts of surfaces, highly territorial, with good eye sight.
    This queen came into my possession in a very small test tube, but because she already has layed some eggs in it I am refraining myself from relocating her to another setup.
    Hopefully this species will have same egg development as my other Tetraponera Rufonigra (very fast above 25C), and I will be soon able to post more news about this smaller black version of Rufonigra.

    I decided to choose this species among my many others because she is a new queen, and I am very excited with her, and I think it will be very interesting for all to follow her adventures from scratch.
    I hope you enjoy the photos.


    She’s amazing! And very very slender indeed 🙂 Will follow your progress with her!


    By the way.. Is that larvae or eggs?


    Dear Linus, for now just eggs. I hope they will hatch soon! They look like small sausages.


    Haha, they’re so cool.


    A very cool ant. Hope the eggs hatch soon.

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    Update #1 : 2016 04 02 – Tetraponera Nigra lost all her eggs probably due to stress.
    I saw her constantly fighting and trying to tear down the cotton plug from the entrance.
    So today, after a week and a half of having her, I decided to build a more natural setup for her.
    I went to the park, cut some bamboo, and then measured it to fit a test tube entrance I had previously.
    And the result is that she is loving it. After the first 5 minutes roaming frenetically the entrance, she entered the bamboo tube and every 10 minutes comes out to check out something. Also I have placed some wood chips on the floor and some water and sugar inside a small bamboo cup.
    As you can see from the photos she immediately went for it.
    There is something soothing about wood for these ants, I guess because they are tree dwellers they prefer to have the sent.
    Now I wont be able to see if she is laying eggs or not, but it is life, and I prefer to have a prosper “invisible” colony than none at all 🙂


    I was just about to ask you if you were planing to keep them in a “twig like” nest.
    But then I found all your videos on Youtube…

    I enjoyed them all, keep up with the updates!

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    I just caught a tetraponeria rufonigra she came out of her nest several times and started climbing the wall to find a way out.I am not sure if i did something wrong.

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