Ant Facts

Despite being tiny, ants never cease to fascinate us. They have incredible colony systems, and with myrmecologists digging deeper into their mysteries we start to understand their world. Let’s go through the basics of being an ant!

Flying ants

Flying ants are males and new queens. They need their wings to fly off and mate.

How ants communicate antenna

Even though ants can’t talk, they have many other ways of communicating. They use scents, touch and sound!

from egg to ant

All ant species go through a three stage process before becoming adult ants. Egg, larvae and pupae.

Ants have a unique insect body and are easily recognisable. They come in different colours and sizes, but are all built the same way.

Being an ant involves being born into your colony vocation. They are divided into castes, all having their own duties and responsibilities.

ant facts social parasites in the ant colony

Parasites are very common i ant colonies. From flesh-eating larvae to zombie-fungus taking control of the ant’s brain.

coming soon


Coming up! We’ll dive into the food requirements of ants.


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