Ant facts

ant facts Tasmanian bull ant
From an ant’s perspective, the world should seem like a big place. But considering their small brains, they probably don’t reflect on the concept of our planet very often. Actually, they most likely never do. But the ants with all its different species are smart in other ways. They are considered one of the world’s most famous “superorganisms”, meaning, they tend to get great work done with a massive amount of cooperation. But how do they communicate, what does their lives look like? Let’s find out.
Lasius Nearcticus ant species

Ant Facts

Ants carry exoskeletons, communicate via pheromones and are born into different roles of the colony. But how does an ant become a queen, and why are almost all ants female? And what’s up with flying ants?

ants and aphids in symbiosis

The Ant Colony

With thousands of workers, ant colonies tend to control the micro fauna they reside in. The superorganism is centered around the queen ant, the egg layer, and can control huge territories in comparison to it’s size. But why do ants live in colonies, and what really happens inside the nest?

strong ant species lifting wood

Ant Species

We are currently aware of about 10.000 ant species, give or take a few thousand. Some scientists believe that the acutal numbers might be twice that. Ants exist almost everywhere on our planet, and they are extremely well adapted to the different environments they inhabit.


Get rid of ants at home

Do you have ants that keep coming inside your home? That’s never fun. But most often than not there are ways of getting rid of ants without hurting them. Some of these solutions also works on other insects, so keep on reading.