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About us

Our site actually derives from a Swedish website called Myrstaden (meaning ‘The Ant City’), created in 2007. Since then we’ve spread the word about ants to all ages in Sweden. Ants seem to fascinate, from young children to elderly men and women – the interest knows no boundaries. Antkeepers is all about ants. We love them, and we hope you do too. If you don’t, maybe you will after reading a few articles about them? Dig in; our site is full of interesting facts. Aside from the general science of ants, there is also the reason for the name antkeepers. We love keeping ants – at home! Sounds weird? Trust us, it’s fun! Welcome to the world of ant keeping! 

formicarium apartment ant farm

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Our images are all copyright protected. This means that you can not use them without permission. If you like them, why not send us a request? In most cases, we’ll be happy if you link back to us. But don’t forget to ask first.

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Most of our images are from the amazing photographer Alexander Wild.

Camponotus herculeanus nest chambers

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