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We’ve made a few changes!

July is here with ant excursions, new antkeepers finding their way to the hobby, and lastly some changes to our site.

Our community section has been removed in favor of our Facebook group. The reason behind this is that the kind of community we ran is very expensive and takes a lot of time to maintain. And since Antkeepers is not a big company with a million dollar revenue we want to redirect our focus from the community functions to something better. After all, our goal is to spread the antkeeping hobby to as many as possible.

We’ll still do our best to keep the site updated and alive, but longer discussions in-between our amazing antkeepers are referred to our Facebook group. It’s actually a great place to discuss ants and finding new members to the myrmecology world.

Information on users, profiles, e-mails etc will be deleted. We don’t want your information getting out into the wild wild web ?

We’ve got big plans for the coming months on how to develop the site and keep up with the antkeeping world (it’s growing everyday!). Thank you so much for your support!

/Linus at Antkeepers

Our Facebook group: All About Ants

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