Five-star antkeeping. Invented in Sweden.
Five-star antkeeping. Invented in Sweden.

Ants are fantastic!

introduction to ants

Want an introduction to ants?

There are more than 10.000 known ant species on Earth. Myrmecologists believe that the actual amount may be twice of that. Throughout history, ants have been fascinating to human society. From great philosophers to regular people, the mentions and sayings about ants are all around us. Modern idioms such as to get “ants in one’s pants” give us an idea of how visible these tiny insects have been through the years and still are. Their origins dates as far back as 100 million years ago, arising to a planet full of dinosaurs.

If you’re not that well-grounded when it comes to ants, we’ve created a shortcut for you. Think of it as a quick introduction to ants.

Follow the link to learn more: Introduction to Ants

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