Five-star antkeeping. Invented in Sweden.
Five-star antkeeping. Invented in Sweden.

Ants are fantastic!

AntKeepers My First Ant Colony PDF

Our ant shop is open!

After working hard with new products we can finally proclaim the Antkeepers shop as open for business! As of now we’ll provide great antkeeping content for both new and seasoned antkeepers.

Our first product is called “My First Ant Colony” and is written with the new antkeeper in mind. This digital book goes through all you need to know before starting the ant hobby. From how to get ants, how to keep them thriving – from a single queen to a super colony. We’ll also cover the basics of ants, such as what they eat, what they need to be healthy and what sort of formicarium they’d like to live inside of.

Welcome to the shop! >

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