Five-star antkeeping. Invented in Sweden.
Five-star antkeeping. Invented in Sweden.

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Care Sheet Lasius niger

New! Care sheet: Lasius niger

A couple of days ago we updated Antkeepers with a brand new article on our black garden ant – Lasius niger. Now, we’re building upon that article and adding a care sheet! We’ll go through everything you need to know about keeping a colony of Lasius nigers. You’ll get answers to a lot of questions, including these: “How do I acquire a queen?”, “What does Lasius niger eat?”, “What should the temperature be in my formicarium? and “When do black garden ants hibernate?”.

Lasius niger, or the black garden ant, is a very easy species to keep. They are survivors and can handle harsh environments and situations. Each colony has got a single queen and can grow into tens of thousands of workers. So, how does one tend to them at home?

The new care sheet can be found here: Care Sheet: Lasius niger

Psst! We also updated the original Lasius niger article with some new info.

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