New ant species article: Formica rufa (Red Wood Ant)

Ants Formica Rufa

Let’s continue learning about the mound building ants. It’s time for a deep dive into the ant species of Formica Rufa, also known as Red Wood Ant or Horse Ant. And hey, this is our most extensive ant species article yet! Don’t be afraid to share your thoughts. Read the article here: Ant Species | Formica […]

New article: The Ant Hill

Ant hill facts

The woodland ants of the Formica family build quite extraordinary ant nests. They really live up to the name “ant hill”. And considering the size of the ants themselves it is amazing how big their homes can become. And every ant hill is unique. But what they have in common is that they are all […]

Our ant shop is open!

AntKeepers My First Ant Colony PDF

After working hard with new products we can finally proclaim the Antkeepers shop as open for business! As of now we’ll provide great antkeeping content for both new and seasoned antkeepers. Our first product is called “My First Ant Colony” and is written with the new antkeeper in mind. This digital book goes through all […]

The lifecycle of an ant colony!

Ant Society Lifecycle

Giddy up! We’ve just published a wonderfully lenghty article about the lifecycle of an ant colony. This is the real deal, explaining the process from a virgin queen’s nuptial flights to her death, surrounded by thousands of children. Even though ants seem abundant in nature, it is not an easy task founding a colony. The […]