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AntKeepers Progression Sheet

Here you go – a progression sheet for your ant colonies! Finally! A great way of keeping track of your ant colony achievements – the Antkeepers Progression Sheet. Sign up for our newsletter and get the PDF sent to your inbox. And by the way, we don’t send spam. We only keep you updated on […]

New Article: How to Get Rid of Ants

How to get rid of ants at home

We’ve added a new article on how to get rid of ants invading your home. All of the solutions listed are simple and non-harmful to the ants. Which is of course great for everyone! Read more about it here: How to Get Rid of Ants in Your Home

Care sheet for Myrmica rubra added!

Care sheet myrmica rubra

Hurray! We’ve added a new care sheet for the Myrmica rubra ant species. It is a super interesting species that many Antkeepers have in their antfolio. And many more probably wishing to have it. Myrmica rubra, or the European Fire Ant, is a semi difficult species to keep. They form large colonies with multiple queens and require […]

New Article: Myrmica Rubra

Ant Species Myrmica rubra

The Ant Species section has a new article – Myrmica rubra! Commonly known as the European Fire Ant it is a species famous for its sting and great colonies with many queens. It is also an ant species that many Antkeepers keep. Stay tuned for the upcoming care sheet. Read all about Myrmica rubra here!

New section: Your Ant Colony

Keeping Ants Your Ant Colony

Spring is here! Let’s start off the warm weather with a few new articles. Some users have requested a section dedicated to the caring of your colonies. And here it is: Your Ant Colony! At the moment there are two new articles for you to read: Taking Care of a New Ant Queen and Test Tubes. We will eventually […]

New! Care sheet: Lasius niger

Care Sheet Lasius niger

A couple of days ago we updated Antkeepers with a brand new article on our black garden ant – Lasius niger. Now, we’re building upon that article and adding a care sheet! We’ll go through everything you need to know about keeping a colony of Lasius nigers. You’ll get answers to a lot of questions, including […]

Lasius niger added to Ant Species

Ant Species Lasius niger

Our Ant Species section has a new article – Lasius niger! Commonly known as the Black garden ant, the Lasius niger species is common in nature as well as in the city. It is sometimes referred to as the “pavement ant”. It is a very adaptable species and one often finds them scurrying through houses looking for food. Some considers them […]

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