New in: more sizes of our byFormica products

byFormica new products

We have now stocked our shelves for 2022 with new products from the well-known and respected ant brand byFormica. There are new sizes of the liquid feeders (we now have Micro, Mini and Mega sizes!) as well as larger bottles of Sunburst Ant Nectar! Discover the products >>

Follow our new Instagram account!

AntKeepers Instagram

We’re finally on Instagram. Make our day with a follow! We’ll be showcasing new products, antkeeping and beautiful ant photos from ant keepers around the world. Follow us on Instagram >> Photo: @mutebardtison

New product: PTFE+

AntKeepers PTFE + flour

Let us present a new brand product in our ant shop: AntKeepers PTFE+. Perfect for those of you that want an extra layer of security in your formicarium, arenas and outworlds. Especially for all the lid-less antkeepers out there. PTFE+ is a thin fluid that is applied to the walls of the container, and when the […]

All ant products in stock again!

AntKeepers ant shop byformica test tubes and more

After a week of low availability on a couple of products in our ant store we are finally fully back in stock. So take this moment to refill your silos with ant food from ByFormica, test tubes, ant feeders and much more. To the shop! >>

Antscaping inspiration: Rocks

Anstcaping rocks for formicarium has a great photo collection that might inspire you when building your formicarium and their environments. This collection is all about rocks! Good luck with your antscaping! More on how to build your own ant farm/formicarum here.

New products in our ant shop!

Ant shop AntKeepers starter kit

We’ve launched new sections of our ant shop! Our very popular guide My First Ant Colony has paved the way for more ant gear for antkeepers. Our shop is now filled with great ant keeping products from some of the world’s most loved antkeeping brands. Our product line now features test tubes, ant food and feeders. Check out […]

Great tutorial on how to raise a queen ant

How to raise a queen ant

Jordan over at Ants Australia has a great video tutorial on how to raise your newly caught queen ants. Check it out! Also have a look at his other videos. They’re really good and covers a lot on antkeeping and different ant species. 

We’ve made a few changes!

My first ant colony ant shop

July is here with ant excursions, new antkeepers finding their way to the hobby, and lastly some changes to our site. Our community section has been removed in favor of our Facebook group. The reason behind this is that the kind of community we ran is very expensive and takes a lot of time to maintain. […]

Where to buy ants? We’ve got the list

Where to buy ants

We’ve put together a list for the ones out there wondering where to buy ants. There are many reliable ant suppliers around the globe, so have a look at the list. Take me there!

Follow your ant progress!

AntKeepers Progression Sheet

Here you go – a progression sheet for your ant colonies! Finally! A great way of keeping track of your ant colony achievements – the Antkeepers Progression Sheet. Sign up for our newsletter and get the PDF sent to your inbox. And by the way, we don’t send spam. We only keep you updated on […]