Research: Can environmental complexity affect ant traits?

Ant research

From Science Direct: “We tested whether the environmental complexity in a vegetation gradient can predict the morphological composition of ground-dwelling ant assemblages. Increasing environmental complexity increased body size, relative mandible length, and decreased eye size of ant species. Our data reveal a clear response pattern of morphological composition of ground-dwelling ant assemblages to the environmental […]

Great tutorial on how to raise a queen ant

How to raise a queen ant

Jordan over at Ants Australia has a great video tutorial on how to raise your newly caught queen ants. Check it out! Also have a look at his other videos. They’re really good and covers a lot on antkeeping and different ant species. 

New ant species article: Camponotus herculeanus

Camponotus herculeanus workers

One of the more famous carpenter ants is the Camponotus herculeanus. It is also one of the world’s largest ant species. The common name “Hercules ant” is not that surprising considering its size and strong jaws. Camponotus herculeanus likes to nest in both trees, rotten wood and the walls of our homes. They can create […]

We’ve made a few changes!

My first ant colony ant shop

July is here with ant excursions, new antkeepers finding their way to the hobby, and lastly some changes to our site. Our community section has been removed in favor of our Facebook group. The reason behind this is that the kind of community we ran is very expensive and takes a lot of time to maintain. […]

Where to buy ants? We’ve got the list

Where to buy ants

We’ve put together a list for the ones out there wondering where to buy ants. There are many reliable ant suppliers around the globe, so have a look at the list. Take me there!

Alex Wild’s photos captures the fantastic world of ants

Alex Wild Ant Photos

One of the most prominent insect photographers is Alex Wild from Texas, USA. He’s been active since 2002 and can therefore show off a large library of intricate, exciting and beautiful ant photos. We’re so happy and thankful that Alex wants to share some of these with us on the Antkeepers site. Many of our articles […]

Follow your ant progress!

AntKeepers Progression Sheet

Here you go – a progression sheet for your ant colonies! Finally! A great way of keeping track of your ant colony achievements – the Antkeepers Progression Sheet. Sign up for our newsletter and get the PDF sent to your inbox. And by the way, we don’t send spam. We only keep you updated on […]

New Article: How to Get Rid of Ants

How to get rid of ants at home

We’ve added a new article on how to get rid of ants invading your home. All of the solutions listed are simple and non-harmful to the ants. Which is of course great for everyone! Read more about it here: How to Get Rid of Ants in Your Home