Say hello to AntKeep – our new formicarium

AntKeepers AntKeep Intro

We are a Swedish company in love with ants. And now we’re very proud to be able to introduce you to our new series of formicaria: AntKeep – designed and produced in Sweden 🇸🇪 Read more about AntKeep >>

Coming soon: our new formicarium

AntKeepers Formicarium

We’ve been working hard to be able to present a unique, good looking and practical way of keeping ants. We hope that you want to join us on our journey. Sign up for our newsletter and we promise you’ll be one of the first to find out everything about our news. Be the first to […]

Follow our new Instagram account!

AntKeepers Instagram

We’re finally on Instagram. Make our day with a follow! We’ll be showcasing new products, antkeeping and beautiful ant photos from ant keepers around the world. Follow us on Instagram >> Photo: @mutebardtison

New product: PTFE+

AntKeepers PTFE + flour

Let us present a new brand product in our ant shop: AntKeepers PTFE+. Perfect for those of you that want an extra layer of security in your formicarium, arenas and outworlds. Especially for all the lid-less antkeepers out there. PTFE+ is a thin fluid that is applied to the walls of the container, and when the […]

Alex Wild on how to photograph army ants

Photographing ants AntKeepers camera has a nice blog post with one of the great insects photographers: Alex Wild. Go check it out. The topic is the ever interesting and inspiring species of army ants. How to Photograph Army Ants

New products in our ant shop!

Ant shop AntKeepers starter kit

We’ve launched new sections of our ant shop! Our very popular guide My First Ant Colony has paved the way for more ant gear for antkeepers. Our shop is now filled with great ant keeping products from some of the world’s most loved antkeeping brands. Our product line now features test tubes, ant food and feeders. Check out […]

The ants are waking up from hibernation

Ants waking from hibernation

April and spring is almost here, which can mean only one thing… the ants are waking up from their period of hibernation! Finally, the anting season is upon us. Hibernation – what is it? As many other insects, ants are cold blooded. This means that their body temperature adapts to the environment. Actually, they don’t […]

How do ants communicate?

How ants communicate

How does an ant society actually function? The ants are unable to talk to each other, and their eyes are nowhere near our human eyes. So how do they communicate with each other? Let’s find out together. Read our article on Ant Communication.

Ant Territories

Ant Territories

Ant colonies can control vast areas in which they hunt and gather material, food and supplies for the nest. But to control and keep territory is no easy match as there are almost always other ants around ready to fight for it. We’ve been busy updating our article on this interesting topic! Follow the link […]

New ant species article: Lasius flavus (Yellow Meadow Ant)

Lasius flavus fact article

We’ve posted a new ant species article! This time it’s about the shy little yellow meadow ant, also known as Lasius flavus. It’s an interesting species that likes to dwell underground far away from the brightness of the surface. Read the article here: Ant Species | Lasius flavus (Yellow Meadow Ant) “Lasius flavus, the yellow meadow […]