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Ant Society Climate Temperature

Have a look at our two new ant articles – Climate and Temperature and Territories! Both are amazingly interesting areas of antlife. Climate and Temperature An important factor in the success of an ant colony is its ability to regulate climate and temperature. Ants love heat and they often go to great lengths to achieve higher temperatures. But […]

Interested in the anatomy of ants?

Ant Facts Anatomy

We sure hope so!  The ant is an icon in the insect world – a symbol of evolutionary success. So what was the recipe for this extraordinary insect’s rise to fame? Let’s have a look at the anatomy of ants! Ants do not have a heart like we do, or other mammals for that matter. […]

What to feed my ants?

What to feed my ants

Ants need protein and carbohydrates. And they love sugar! What else do they need? Hmm… Luckily we’ve written a simple guide about the feeding habits of ants and how to fulfill their needs. Have a look! Follow the link: Nutrition and Care | Keeping Ants

Want an introduction to ants?

introduction to ants

There are more than 10.000 known ant species on Earth. Myrmecologists believe that the actual amount may be twice of that. Throughout history, ants have been fascinating to human society. From great philosophers to regular people, the mentions and sayings about ants are all around us. Modern idioms such as to get “ants in one’s […]