Launch day is here!

antkeepers launch day

Ready for takeoff!

It’s taken 1,5 years to get here, but launch day is finally upon us. Since the summer of 2014 I’ve been hard at work creating a new community for us antkeepers. The goal was to create content that would inspire both experienced as well as new ant lovers in their ant keeping. With the help of simple illustrations, focused articles and easy-to-use forums it’s easier than ever to get into ants.

Actually, we’ve dedicated a whole section for the newcomers. We call it An Introduction to Ants. Have a look! And share it with your friends who just don’t get it.

Our site is created with four main areas in mind – sections of information. The first one is Ant Facts, where we get into the details of ants. How do they function and how do they communicate? We’ll also go into the colony life, finding out how the ant society actually works. The second segment is all about Keeping Ants. We’re called Antkeepers, right? Take a look at our guides describing how you can build a formicarium in your own home. It’s a breeze (mostly)! Third, Ant Species. We’ve started out slow, outlining some of the main families of the Nordics. But don’t worry – we’ll cover the rest of the Earth soon (there’s only about 10.000 species left to describe… roughly). Lastly, and this is an important one; our Forums! Antkeeping is all about sharing your experiences. We want to hear from you, follow your ants through journals and be guided when we’re in trouble! So don’t be shy – register an account and share your life as an antkeeper.

Except for the English section Antkeepers also sports a Swedish version. Our original site was actually Swedish, called Myrstaden (meaning The Ant City). With more than 600 Swedish members we’re slowly migrating to our new home – right next to you! So if you find yourself confused one day, thinking you’ve lost your language abilities, don’t worry. You’ve probably stumbled upon the “Switch language”-button and can easily switch back from the top menu. Or just learn Swedish (välkommen!).

So take your time, dig through our articles and make your way to the forums. Your ant knowledge is invaluable, and we want you to share it with us!

Welcome to Antkeepers!



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