How to build formicariums

formicarium ytong nest fuxate glue silicone

Fish live in aquariums whilst reptile have their terrariums.. so what do you call the home of pet ants? A formicarium, of course! The origin of the word is from the French word for ants – fourmi. A formicarium can have many different looks. Some keep their ants in a glass jar, others have a large glass tank specially made to fit the needs of their small kingdom.

One can easily order a prebuilt formicarium from one of the many ant shops of the world, or simply create one at home. There are some things all formicarium should have in common: keep the ants from escaping (lids, lids, lids!), provide oxygen (air holes, please) and some way of opening it up to feed and provide moisture (might come in handy!).

We’ve put together a few guides on how to create different formicariums at home. Have a look, and let us know what you think: Keeping Ants | Formicariums

And why not discuss your creations in our forum?


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