Interested in the anatomy of ants?

We sure hope so!  The ant is an icon in the insect world – a symbol of evolutionary success. So what was the recipe for this extraordinary insect’s rise to fame? Let’s have a look at the anatomy of ants!

Ants do not have a heart like we do, or other mammals for that matter. Instead they have one big (in ant measurements) artery, starting from the brain, working it’s way through the body parts. Their blood is not red either, but rather uncoloured and transparent.


Much the same ways as the ”heart” artery goes through the body, the ants have nerve fibres flowing through the brain and muscles, providing means of communication between the brain, organs and muscles. The stomach is located in the abdomen with most of the other large organs.


Instead of lungs, the ants have small openings in their exoskeletons that circulates oxygen through the body. This means that the ants do not draw breaths, but rather let the surrounding oxygen pass through them.

Follow the link to learn more: Anatomy of Ants


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