The perfect home for your ants!

With beautiful organic forms and our unique connector AntGate, this series of formicariums stand in a class of their own.

Three sizes that fits perfectly together

AntKeep fits tightly together with other AntKeeps, and can be combined in many different ways. It is easy to expand the nest when your ant colony needs more space.

Available in sizes Small, Medium and Large.

What makes AntKeep unique?

The shape

Beautiful organic forms from nature that fits perfectly together.


A completely unique connector. Keeps ants from escaping and can connect AntKeeps, vinyl tubing and test tubes.


Specially cut sponges that fit the sponge depots of AntKeep. Holds and distributes moisture in your colony.


A very practical plug that fits both AntGate and our OutWorlds. 


AntKeep is designed and produced in Sweden

Where to buy ants?

So you’ve decided on the formicarium, but where do you get the ants? There are many ant stores around the world. We’ve listed some of them in the link below.

AntKeepers OutWorld 2022 for ants zoom

A place for adventure

With an OutWorld the world is yours to create. Fill it with sand, stones, twigs and plants. Build your own landscape for your ants to explore.